Sunday, June 5, 2011

Disco Inferno Returns! (Mr. Anderson wows again)

On Impact, it was promoted as the first edition of Sting's "Scorpion Sitdown" interview show (like Piper's Pit). Well, we were all fooled when Anderson came out dressed as old school Sting again. Mr.Anderson once again looks just like old school Sting and I truly believe that these impersonations are doing wonders for Anderson's career in terms of being memorable. Anyway, Anderson comes out and claims that he is going to call out someone from Sting's past. You start wondering... who could it be? The obvious choice would be someone from WCW that is currently in TNA... Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, and Ric Flair are obvious choices. Shannon Moore is a less obvious choice since he was in WCW during its dying days as a member of the boy band faction '3 Count'. You also wonder if they could get someone from WCW that is not affiliated with WWE, but not in TNA. You think guys like Buff Bagwell and Rick Steiner. Now, Rick Steiner seems like the best choice because Sting and Luger were great friends with the Steiners in WCW... and because Rick Steiner was almost always a face. Well... shocker time! Anderson calls out... Disco Inferno? Really? The one guy you would least suspect. Sting and Disco really didn't interact, and to my knowledge they never even had a match against each other. I'm baffled as to the logic of that choice, but nevertheless it is awesome to see Disco. Disco looks like he hasn't aged at all, and really added a lot to that segment. It really made me miss Disco Inferno. Impact Wrestling needs to sign back Disco Inferno even if he's only a jobber. He's still very entertaining. Once again, Anderson wowed as old school Sting and Disco Inferno made a memorable appearance by defending Sting and not backing down to Anderson. Great moment on Impact!

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  1. Scorpion Sitdown? Thats just god awful.