Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is The Corre Finished?

On Smackdown Friday Night, Wade Barrett walked out on fellow Corre members Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, prompting me to ask the big question. Is the Corre finished? If indeed they are then I'm definitely not surprised. The Corre was a faction that completely lacked any real direction from the time they formed or should I say broke off from the Nexus and went to Smackdown. The defining difference between The New Nexus and The Corre was that The Corre were equals Barrett always said, yet Slater and Gabriel were the same mindless henchmen in the Corre that they were in The Nexus. The group was all about protecting Wade Barrett as always. In the course of a few months, The Corre went from a group of guys that had once dominated the likes of every RAW superstar including John Cena to jobbing to the laughing stock of the company... Santino Marella. On Smackdown, they decided to take Ezekiel Jackson under their wing, said they were taking over, and then never amounted to anything. It's quite sad when you can recall Barrett, Slater, and Gabriel along with 5 other Nexus members surrounding the ring like a pack of wolves and preying on a helpless superstar... and now they don't even have enough guys to surround the ring. Both the Corre and New Nexus are shells of the former dominant original Nexus, and both are going out with a whimper after starting red hot. That's the kicker about the WWE. They just can't do factions very well and never have been able to. I remember a year ago telling everyone that Fortune was a better faction than the Nexus. Everyone laughed at me, and said I was crazy but it looks like I got the last laugh. I knew they were all along because WWE can't do factions. They're horrible at it. Their biggest success was Degeneration-X, and Bischoff said it best on RAW one day when he told HBK and The Game that D-X was "Nothing more than a really good rip-off of the nWo". Shawn asked HHH, "We weren't a rip-off of the nWo were we?" and HHH patted Shawn on the back and responded, "Does it really matter?"


  1. To start, "Nexus" was and IS way better than "Fortune". Anyway, to be honest, Corre? give me a freakin break.

    WWE Will never be able to do stables that shock the world, neither will anyone for that matter. Stables just aren't what they used to be, and thats just the sign of the times.

  2. To start, "Nexus" was a joke from the beginning. To hell with all the time and money that WWE fans spent watching NXT and voting. Let's give all the wrestlers a contract and have them wear the same stupid shirt with an "N" on it. Wow... brilliant! Cansis Kid is right. WWE has NEVER done factions well.

  3. they should make a new stable everyone is masked 6 members no one knows who they are they all dress black from top to two

  4. the corre new member 2013...........

    Mark Henry

    chris jericho

    cody rohdes

    Big E Langston

    big show

    brock lesnar

    i hope jeff hardy whan he retuns

    Kevin Nash & Scott Hall