Friday, July 15, 2011

"Joker" Sting Unleashes Clown Henchmen, Wins World Title From Mr. Anderson

by Brian Phelps (

The psychotic carnival of Joker Sting continues. On Impact last night, Sting appeared during Immortal's celebration of Mr. Anderson's alliance with them. He appeared sitting at a card table putting fear into Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan and the rest of Immortal. He vowed to bring back Impact Wrestling to its rightful owner... Dixie Carter. When Hulk Hogan threatened to beat him within an inch of his life, the lights went out... and when they came back on there were four clowns in trench coats holding black bats up in the rafters... It was the ace of Sting's sleeve. Throughout the show, the clowns appeared back stage taking their bats to members of Immortal. When the time came for Mr.Anderson's World Title match with Sting... it went back and forth. Just when it seemed that Bully Ray was going to cost Sting the match by hitting him with a chain, the lights went out and one more clown appeared taking out Bully Ray and distracting Anderson as Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop and got the pin and won the Impact Wrestling World Title. Why so serious Sting?


  1. This would be awesome, but i get the sinking feeling that Russo just saw "The Dark Knight" for the first time in his life a few weeks ago and thinks that its all his idea now, just a feeling.

  2. @Eric, sometimes I get the feeling that you can't see past Russo to know when something is really cool in TNA. You'll give him all the credit when something goes really bad, but won't give him any credit when he does something that is really right. We all know he didn't just now see "The Dark Knight". If you recall, Sting didn't become the Crow until 2 years after the original film. This is 3 years after Dark Knight. C'mon man, let's at least praise Russo when he gets something right. It's this kind of biased opinion that TNA does not deserve when they do something right. Russo is not THAT bad. He bungles things up sure we all know he can, but he can also write some pretty cool stuff sometimes, and he has done nothing but right by the Joker Sting angle thus far.

  3. @Cansis Kid i'm glad you really like this angle with Sting, but i think its more you like Sting then the angle. If this was any other wrestler on the roster you would be able to see my point. You always want to run back behind the shield of the Crow angle. But they didn't play into the crow angle nearly as much as they are this one.

    All i'm saying is, its REALLY silly to have a character, like the Joker, who is sadistic and kills people for no reason and does horrible things in wrestling.

    And now joker thugs? How far are we gonna go? Is hogan gonna dawn a Batman outfit to take him down? Thats how ridiculous this is.