Monday, November 21, 2011

Unlikely Team of The Rock and John Cena Prevail at Survivor Series

by Brian Phelps

Well, the verdict is in and as expected The Rock and John Cena were victorious in their match against Awesome Truth. Now, I'm not necessarily complaining about it although I think that the build up to Survivor Series was essentially one big burial of Awesome Truth. The last RAW before Survivor Series saw The Miz and R-Truth getting smoked by Rock and Cena, and then they go into Survivor Series and lose on top of that. In other words, Awesome Truth never presented a real threat as they have been getting dominated the entire time. I thought that was a little odd that they allowed them to get buried the RAW before the pay-per-view. However, if you thought that Rock and Cena would lose at Survivor Series, you're sadly mistaken. I knew that Rock/Cena winning was a given, but I didn't think they would allow them to just dominate Miz and Truth as easily as they did.

The question now is where does the Rock and John Cena rivalry go from here? I mean, the Rock smashed Cena with a Rock Bottom after the match ended which I assumed something like that would probably happen in order to jolt people into remembering that these two are not friends and to send the crowd home happy. I guess the Rock is riding off into the sunset for the next several months until he "finds the time" to show up and make idle threats via satellite again. 

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