Monday, November 21, 2011

CM Punk Defeats Alberto Del Rio at Survivor Series, Regains the WWE Championship

by Brian Phelps

At Survivor Series, CM Punk walked in the challenger and walked out with the WWE Championship. Punk defeated a game Alberto Del Rio, and kept his eye out for Del Rio's ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez. The question now is where does the "Voice of the Voiceless" go from here? Last time Punk won the WWE title, we never really got to see his reign go anywhere because John Cena won that imposter WWE title and they had to have that unification match at Summerslam. Punk defeated Cena, but Del Rio immediately cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase moments later so we never actually got to see CM Punk's character go anywhere as champion. Hopefully, WWE will do him justice this time around and we'll get to see what Punk can really do as the champ.

What gets me is that I still don't know what the overall point to Del Rio winning the title back from Cena was. I mean, Del Rio didn't go anywhere as champion. He actually had less momentum as champion then he did before he originally cashed in the MITB briefcase as a challenger. I'm a firm believer that Del Rio's MITB cash in really hurt CM Punk's momentum a couple of months ago, and it was kind of ironic because Del Rio seemed to lose his momentum after he lost to Edge at Wrestlemania. So what was the point of using one guy with lost momentum to derail another guy's white hot momentum? Either way, the fact remains that WWE righted this injustice by finally putting the strap back on Punk. Let's see where Punk goes with it.

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