Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CM Punk Demands WWE Ice Cream Bars Be Brought Back in New Contract

by Brian Phelps

CM Punk finally confronted Vince McMahon tonight on RAW, and it was worth the wait. The very first live contract negotiation did not end with the usual someone getting smashed through a table... match signings typically go... and boy was I glad. WWE actually remained unpredictable for that segment for the most part with the exception of John Cena once again interrupting so he could make it "all about Cena" like always. I'm about to call Cena 'Hogan 2.0' because he is a black hole swallowing the spotlight from all that is good.

Anyways, CM Punk was on fire on the microphone, demanding in his contract that Vince McMahon bring back the WWE ice cream bars. He also scolded Vince McMahon, telling him that he was "The voice of the voiceless". Punk said he was the voice for Colt Cabana and Luke Gallows... which actually got split "Colt Cabana"/"We want ice cream" chants. Then Cena comes out to try to make something that has nothing to do with him... all about him. John Cena called Punk a hypocrite. Punk laughed at John because John is the real hypocrite. John Cena always talked about being the underdog... and now he is no longer the underdog Punk said. He went on to say that Cena went from being the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees... that he was a dynasty now. Cena then proceeds to punch CM Punk, and that made CM Punk remember why he wants to leave the WWE and so he rips up the contract.

Now, the only thing that is getting on my nerves is how John Cena always has to come out and try to make everything about John Cena. CM Punk has the crowd eating out of his hand, but John Cena can't have that. He has to have all the attention. So, he'll come out and babble his usual crap... you know... the same cookie cutter "you think you're better than me? prove it" boring sap that Cena spews every week for the last 6 years. I'm looking forward to Money in the Bank. For ratings sake, put your money on CM Punk walking out with the title and Cena being fired.

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  1. This is why CM Punk is truly the best in the world. His Mic skills surpass EVERYONE! Gosh, thats just good stuff from Punk in all of that.