Friday, April 15, 2011

Upon Edge's Retirement... Who Gets His Spot?

What a wild week it's been. Edge has announced his abrupt retirement. A guy we thought could go another 5 years at least. We lost Shawn Michaels to retirement last year, and Edge this year. On the flip side, if there is anything good that can come of this it's that it will force WWE to give other superstars a chance at the big time. Edge's retirement has the strong potential to benefit one man in particular. Christian. Edge's retirement and the subsequent vacancy of the World Heavyweight Championship should plunge Christian into the title picture that he was taken out of last week upon losing to Alberto Del Rio. So, at Extreme Rules it should be Christian vs Alberto Del Rio for the World Title. There couldn't be a more perfect way for Christian to ascend to the top then to honor his best friend of the last 27 years... Edge. Edge could walk away from the business happy knowing that his best friend filled the void that he left. Christian is very worthy and deserving of taking Edge's "spot", having waited patiently for a decade for his shot at WWE glory. Alberto Del Rio on the other hand has his whole career ahead of him. A loss to Christian over the World Title wouldn't derail his career, as he could be the perfect foil to Christian since they have a vicious ongoing feud. Only time will tell, but I got a feeling that it may finally be Christians time. 

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