Sunday, January 15, 2012

FAQ: Why Won't Sting Work for Vince McMahon and the WWE? (Video)

This video shows Sting explaining in depth why he has continued to refuse to work for Vince McMahon and the WWE.


  1. Its because Sting is a pussy bitch! He was scared he wasnt going to be a big superstar like he had been all those years in WCW... Uhh Sting did you forget you are freaking STING?! You talk about Booker T... He ended up making it big in WWE. Sure he never was WWE Champion but we all know Vince is racist... he did though become World Heavyweight Champion. Plus Sting had everything it took to be a huge star in WWE. He would have made it big but he was to much of a pussy to chance it. In my opinion he tarnished his legacy by not going to WWE... anyone who has ever been considered anyone has been in WWE. Sting may make TNA hall of fame but it would surprise the hell out of me if he ever made WWE hall of fame... 1% chance. This is Paul BTW...

  2. I find it funny that TNA has a hall of fame at all. They haven't been around that long!