Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FAQ: Who Broke Goldberg's 2nd Undefeated Streak?

Starting in October of 2000, Vince Russo laid down an ultimatum that Goldberg had to beat his old undefeated streak from 1997-98 of 173-0, and if Goldberg lost at any point before beating his old streak he would be forced to retire from pro wrestling. After going 35-0 in his 2nd undefeated streak, Goldberg was defeated in a tag team match at WCW Sin in January 2001 when he and his WCW Power Plant trainer Dewayne Bruce lost to the team of Totally Buff (Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell). He was pinned in the match by Lex Luger after being maced by a fan in the crowd, repeatedly hit with a chair by Luger, and then getting hit with Buff Bagwell's finisher, the Blockbuster. Goldberg was forced to retire from pro wrestling. This would be Goldberg's last match in the USA until he signed with the WWE in 2003.

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