Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Christian Finally Wins the Big One!

1st off, I want to say I love my wife! Now, on to business. At WWE Extreme Rules, Christian finally won the big one.Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I've made it very clear that WWE was dropping the ball on Christian by not making him champion. While I'm ecstatic for Christian because he is the most deserving superstar in pro wrestling, I can't help but feel like WWE only did it because Edge was forced to retire. Had Edge not been forced out of the spotlight, WWE wouldn't have even considered Christian for the title. Since WWE no longer had Edge, they settled for "Diet Edge". With Edge being forced into retirement, it only made sense to have his best friend take his spot. It's very similar to Rey Mysterio winning the title after Eddie Guerrero's death... seemingly divine intervention opening the door for Rey as it has for Christian now. It's the "Angels in the Outfield" of professional wrestling for Christian. If anything I believe that TNA should be praised and commended for showing Vince and the WWE that Christian could be a credible World Champion. TNA saw a World Champion in Christian FIVE YEARS AGO! (Christian won the World Championship in TNA in 2006, see below for footage of his TNA title win) Christian was feuding with Kurt Angle, Sting, and Jeff Jarrett 5 years ago and more than holding his own. TNA should also be credited with really raising Christians stock in the wrestling world. Congratulations to Captain Charisma. You deserve the title, and it is so long overdue. This ones for the peeps!

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