Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Raw 11-7-2011: CM Punk calls Alberto Del Rio "One-Dimensional". Is it True?

by Brian Phelps

The Summer of Punk may be over, but the best in the world is still dropping pipe bombs where ever he goes. Last night on RAW, CM Punk confronted Alberto Del Rio over their Survivor Series match. Alberto Del Rio was still demanding that CM Punk call off the title match at Survivor Series (I guess because he's afraid). After a moment of thought, CM Punk told him "NO!". That's not the kicker though. CM Punk dropped another verbal explosion as he explained that Alberto Del Rio amidst all the aristocratic bravado... is "one dimensional". It's his destiny to come to the WWE. It was his destiny to become WWE champion... everything is about Del Rio's destiny. However, CM Punk also credited Alberto Del Rio with being a great competitor, but that Del Rio basically talks a lot but doesn't say much.

I do believe that Alberto Del Rio is a good wrestler. I think he should've beaten Edge at Wrestlemania to fulfill his destiny... instead of the senseless MITB cash in at Summerslam. Alberto has been the quietest two-time WWE Champion I've possibly ever seen. I mean, he has won the WWE title twice in couple of months... and yet I still find him no more menacing than I did before he won the title. I think it's honestly because the WWE killed his momentum at Wrestlemania, and then tried to make up for it with a MITB win. Then, the way they used Del Rio's killed momentum to turn around and kill CM Punk's momentum at Summerslam was baffling. Then, he lost the belt to John Cena for no apparent reason... and won it back a couple of weeks later? I just think the WWE has dropped the ball with Del Rio all over the place. I don't even think they know what they're doing with Alberto. Nevertheless, CM Punk vs Del Rio should be a solid match. Expect a CM Punk title win to get the strap off of a snooze of a title reign by Del Rio.

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