Thursday, July 7, 2011

John Cena Confronts Vince McMahon on CM Punk Suspension

In the after math of CM Punks suspension by the WWE, this past Monday on RAW John Cena called out Vince McMahon looking for answers. Cena said CM Punk should not have been suspended for speaking his mind. John Cena also stated that he wanted to face Punk because that's what the fans want. Vince McMahon said he suspended CM Punk because he couldn't allow Punk to walk out of the company with the World Title. It had gotten so heated that John Cena told Vince McMahon that he didn't sign up for this, and walked out. Vince yelled, "You're just gonna walk out? Like Hogan?". Eventually Vince McMahon caved in and reinstated CM Punk, and put the title match back on for Money in the Bank.

Where does this leave Alberto Del Rio, who earlier in the night had become the replacement number one contender for the World Title? I was mad in one respect because I felt like John Cena had to come out and make it all about John Cena like always, and not about CM Punk. However, it was an effective scene with Cena wondering what else WWE would begin to censor if you can't speak your mind. It almost makes you want to see Stevie Richard and the Rights to Censor faction come back. Easily one of the most engaging story lines in recent memory.

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