Monday, April 18, 2011

Why Gunner as TV Champion?

Recently on Impact, Gunner defeated Rob Terry and Murphy to capture the TNA Television title. I'm baffled as to why TNA put the belt on Gunner. Gunner is a guy that you can probably count on one hand the actual number of televised matches he's had. There was absolutely no build at all for his title win. It came across as really random and made no sense at all. I'm not even counting the fact that Gunner has zero personality, and thus far has only come off mediocre in the ring. He has no visible mic skills that I've seen either. So why on Earth did TNA think it was a great idea to put the title on a mindless goon who has barely wrestled and has no mic skills? Better yet, why did they have Rob Terry job to Gunner? As bad a wrestler as Rob is, he at least has the "look" and can cut a promo even if they aren't exactly memorable. For all you IWC guys out there that cry out that Gunner is awesome because of what he's done on the Indy Scene... I'm talking strictly about the "Gunner" character and his TNA run. So, don't give me some Indy bias. The TNA character of Gunner so far is just a mindless goon. There are so many more deserving wrestlers such as Jay Lethal, Christopher Daniels, Doug Williams, Matt Morgan, Hernandez etc. who could give the title some credibility. It's silly booking like this that make people want to stop tuning in to TNA.

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