Saturday, July 27, 2013

TNA Plot Hole: Hogan's Counter Offer to Bully Ray on Impact Wrestling 7-25-2013

by Brian Phelps

This past week on Impact Wrestling (7-25-2013), Bully Ray came out with a lawyer that oddly looked similar to Kevin Nash (it wasn't really him) and attempted to sue TNA into forcing Chris Sabin to return the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to him. Hogan was forced as General Manager to make a decision, give in to Bully's demands or refuse. 

At the end of the show, Hulk Hogan comes out and says he talked with his lawyers and that as General Manager he can do whatever he wants. He said that Chris Sabin will remain the TNA World Champ, but that he has a counter offer for Bully. He reminds Bully that he has a rematch clause he can use against Sabin. Hogan says that at Hardcore Justice that Bully will get his rematch against Sabin. He declares that the Main Event Mafia and Aces and Eights will not be able to interfere because at Hardcore Justice brothers, it's going to be a cage match! 

But wait... wasn't Aces and Eights inteference in a steel cage match how Bully Ray won the TNA World Title in the first place back at Lockdown in March? Whoops. 

The Plot Hole: Hogan claims that a cage match will prevent MEM and Aces and Eights from interfering. However, this obviously makes absolutely no sense as Bully Ray won the TNA World Title from Jeff Hardy back in March at Lockdown due to interference from Aces and Eights during a STEEL CAGE MATCH. While wrestling then champion Jeff Hardy in a steel cage at Lockdown, Devon climbed the cage and threw a ball peen hammer to Bully Ray which he then used to knock out Jeff Hardy to become TNA World Champion. This is an obvious plot hole in the story line because Hogan apparently expects us to suddenly forget that the Aces and Eights have interfered in a Steel Cage match before and that somehow now they will be unable to do it again? 

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