Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kurt Angle Reveals Himself as James Storms Attacker

by Brian Phelps

On Thursday's edition of TNA Impact Wrestling, Kurt Angle came forward as the man who attacked James Storm the week before and left him in a pool of blood. This storyline has been rather compelling as James Storm had actually called out AJ Styles and accused him of being the attacker. They had me hooked into believing that AJ Styles was just denying it so that he could attack Storm from behind in a bit of lazy story telling. However, much to my surprise it really wasn't AJ Styles, and Kazarian coming out to separate Storm and Styles was a nice touch as it still portrays the remaining members of Fortune as a family fighting to stay together.

James Storm is coming off as paranoid, but it's understandable as the closest friend of his turned on him (Bobby Roode). It makes sense then that he would be traumatized and start pointing fingers at his other friends. This story actually has me intrigued as I now want to find out why Kurt Angle attacked James Storm, and how AJ Styles will respond to being wrongfully accused. Fantastic storytelling on the part of TNA. 

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