Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Watch WWE Pay-Per-Views for Free (And it's Legal!)

by Brian Phelps

A lot of people often want to order a WWE Pay-Per-View event, but in this economy who has fifty dollars to blow? Another issue is that many people think that the WWE has jacked up the price of pay-per-views too high since they are now $50 bucks a pop. So, how can you watch WWE pay-per-views for free? A lot of people either download them (which is illegal) through torrents, or find some website that is illegally streaming the pay-per-view instead of ordering them through cable providers or streaming it from the WWE website.

Well, I know how you can watch all the WWE Pay-Per-Views you want for free, and I'm going to tell you how. Eat at Hooters! Every month, Hooters restaurant orders the monthly WWE Pay-Per-Views for their customers so that you can eat and watch a great wrestling show at the same time. So, if there is a Hooters in your area head their on the night of a WWE PPV. Order you a burger and fries, and you could've watched The Rock and John Cena team up for free instead of paying fifty bucks. Hooters purchases the WWE PPV every month, so head over there the next time WWE is airing a PPV instead of struggling to gather up enough buddies to split up the cost of a ppv.

Note: Hooters also airs UFC PPVs for you MMA fans.

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