Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cody Rhodes impresses in Street Fight loss to Randy Orton on Smackdown 11-4-2011

by Brian Phelps

This past Friday on Smackdown, reigning Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes took on Randy Orton in a bloody Street Fight. I was thoroughly impressed with Cody Rhodes performance. He showed me that he is certainly ready for the next level. He took it to Orton with an aggression I haven't seen before, and even though Cody lost... I felt like he was the real winner in that match. I think it would've been smarter to have Cody defeat Orton because what does a win for Orton do? Nothing. What does a win for Cody Rhodes do? It propels him to a more main event status, and gives him credibility that he needs with a win over WWE All-Star Randy Orton. With WWE needing main event talent badly, why do they continue to prevent superstars like Cody Rhodes, John Morrison, Wade Barrett, Kofi Kingston, and Tyson Kidd from breaking through the glass ceiling? You can't run forever on Cena, Orton and Attitude Era stars. The Undertaker can only wrestle 2 or 3 times a year and it breaks his body just doing that anymore. Triple H can still go, but seeings how he's done everything... Triple H in the main event is really hurting the product more than it's helping. Why should we watch Triple H in a pay-per-view main event when you got 10 guys floating in mid-card purgatory that have been waiting for their chance? Hopefully, with Cody Rhodes shining... he will break through soon and we will be looking at the disfigured World Champion instead of the IC Champion.

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