Saturday, November 5, 2011

Beer Money is Over! Robert Roode Shatters Beer Bottle in James Storm's Face to Win TNA World Title

by Brian Phelps

This past Thursday on Impact Wrestling, James Storm made good on his word to give his best friend and long time tag team partner Robert Roode the very first shot at his newly won TNA World Heavyweight Title. Robert Roode came out early in the night to tell James Storm that he couldn't have achieved the success he had without James Storm. He credited Storm with coming up with the name Beer Money. They both vowed to tear the roof off of Macon, GA that night.

As the match started, Storm and Roode were very evenly matched. As the match progressed, it was apparent that Robert Roode was starting to get frustrated as Storm continued to kick out of move after move. Bobby Roode ended up at one point outside the ring, and spotted James Storm's signature beer bottle sitting on the ring steps. As the referee appeared to be down, Bobby grabbed the beer bottle and shattered it in James Storm's face thus knocking Storm out. Roode climbed back in the ring and covered Storm for the pin to win the TNA Heavyweight Title.

Now, this is the second title change in 2 weeks as Storm JUST defeated Kurt Angle two weeks before on Impact in a suspiciously short match. I'm sort of baffled as to what TNA's end game is here. What was the point of having Robert Roode lose to Kurt Angle on the grandest stage of them all, only to have Storm win it the following Impact, and Roode win it from Storm two weeks after Storm wins it? It's baffling and makes no sense from a booking stand point. Roode was supposed to win it at Bound For Glory, but Hogan got in the boss's ear and said Roode wasn't ready yet. So, they changed their minds and had Angle beat Roode. So... why put the title on Roode three weeks after that? Why buy pay-per-views if you're going to give away not one, but two title changes on free tv in a three week span? Beer Money is over, Storm loses the title, Roode turns heel and wins title... confusing much? 

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