Wednesday, November 16, 2011

RAW 11-14-11: Kevin Nash Attacks Santino Marella... What's the Point?

Boy, WWE has really baffled me with literally everything that's been written for Kevin Nash. None of it makes a lick of sense. Here's the run down. Kevin Nash so far has broken into Triple H's office in order to steal Triple H's cell phone (which he just leaves lying around apparently) in order to send a text message to HIMSELF saying to "stick the winner" of the CM Punk/John Cena title match at Summerslam. WWE never explained why Nash did this. Triple H eventually ends up firing Kevin Nash... as Nash leaves the arena he gets into a limo with John Laurinaitis. WWE never explains why he got into a limo and sped away with John Laurinaitis. Then, Kevin Nash attacks Triple H with a sledgehammer. Nash explains that he attacked Triple H with a sledgehammer because Triple H refused to "put the band back together" (he refused to reform the Kliq). Now, he comes out and for no apparent reason just brutalized Santino Marella and just mutters "I'm here, Triple H isn't!". Does anyone else see how none of this makes ANY sense?  I guess they were trying to build up Nash, but the whole segment just came across as random and pointless. I don't see how brutalizing a comedic jobber like Santino is supposed to intimidate or send a message to Triple H. The only message it sends is one we already knew... that Nash can beat up Santino Marella if he wants to.

In closing, I'm sick of the WWE not explaining their own storylines, and writing stories that lead nowhere. Between Nash sending texts to himself, to CM Punk never exacting any sort of revenge on Kevin Nash, to the Anonymous GM being forgotten, to the whole Conspiracy being forgotten... I'm just baffled. Whoever is writing these stories with no endings needs to be fired. 


  1. It doesn't make sense for 2 reasons: (1) WWE Creative is a horrible and (2) You're an idiot. Creative basically dropped the ball on everything that occurred prior to the sledgehammer attack. But you already know the writing is lacking in continuity so why try to make sense of something that they've obviously moved past (at least for now)? The week after the attack, Nash gave a plausible explanation for the attack and his motivations. Last week was pretty easy to comprehend, also. Santino was just in the wrong place at the wrong time as Nash seized an opportunity to make his presence felt and taunt Triple H. Really easy to grasp.

  2. And BTW, Nash is heel so attacking Santino makes sense. Heels don't always care about beating bad-asses, anyone will do.

  3. 1) Nash only explained the sledgehammer attack.
    2) I already know creative dropped the ball. That's the point of this post.
    3) The point of trying to make sense of it is that if you're writing a story, it has to make sense... and you need to be held to it whether it succeeds or bombs
    4) How does attacking Santino "taunt" Triple H? It prob. made him laugh. Anyone can stomp Santino. It would've made more sense if he stomped someone with a shred of credibility as an in-ring performer.
    5) yes, it is easy to grasp. Your way of grasping is making excuses for nothing more than piss poor writing that is poor to the point of insulting intelligence.
    6) A lack of continuity in wrestling is not out of the ordinary; however, the complete lack of continuity simply from one week to the next week IS out of the ordinary and something that I've never seen happening as frequently as I do now. Check out the blog I wrote titled "6 Storylines that WWE Never Resolved in 2011"

  4. 1) I was a complete douche in the above posts. I apologize.
    2) I still think everything since the sledgehammer attack makes sense, but like you, I am primarily frustrated with the glaring holes. Frustrated to the point of just trying to not to make sense of it & not really understanding why anyone else tries. They can't even be bothered to deliver on promoted returns & appearances (Triple H, Jonah Hill, Brodus Clay, Michael Cole challenge, etc). Imagine if a popular sitcom on broadcast TV teased a plot or guest appearance for the next episode and then proceed to not follow through AND act like nothing was ever teased. Something is truly amiss, because right now, WWE storylines are almost as uncomprehensible as WCW in 1999.