Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Headbangers Call Out Air Boom, Mexican America, and Haas and Benjamin

By Brian Phelps

Recently, I witnessed a literal blast from the past as former WWE Tag Team Champions The Headbangers made their presence felt online as they laid down the gauntlet by challenging the current WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom (Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne). They also challenged the TNA Tag Team Champions Mexican America, as well as Ring of Honor's World's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas). What's cool about this is that most of the time old stars spend their time feuding with other old stars online in frivolous twitter feuds, and youtube shoot interviews. This was great because it was kind of outsider-ish. Two guys from the outside looking in, challenging guys in different organizations. So, will any of these tag teams answer the challenge? ...More importantly, will any of these tag teams organizations allow them to answer the challenge? Let's take a look...

Air Boom (WWE) - There is no way that Vince McMahon would allow this to take place. Vince's policy when outsiders challenge his company has always been to ignore or deny the existence of any competition. That's why when Eric Bischoff challenged Vince McMahon to show up at a WCW PPV on live TV... Vince McMahon just ignored it and wimped out because he was scared of the possibility of a situation that he didn't have 100% control over. When the New Age Outlaws were in TNA as the Voodoo Kin Mafia, they challenged Triple H and Shawn Michaels to a fight. They even went to WWE Headquarters in Connecticut and Vince... just ignored it. So, odds are that Vince McMahon won't even bat an eyelash at this challenge by the Headbangers despite the marketability of the situation (Think of how big Zack Ryder has gotten utilizing social media and the thought that a tag team on the outside challenged your champions and then they actually showed up!). Plus, it would add excitement and an air of unpredictability to a long stagnant tag team division. As Evan Bourne christened it... "Attitude Era vs Altitude Era".

Mexican America (TNA) - TNA is much more likely than WWE to accept the Headbangers challenge. Eric Bischoff, the TNA Creative Team, and the rest of the TNA brass are risk takers by comparison. The pay off for TNA could be huge as it would liven up their tag team division that has cooled off over the last year. It would give people a reason to watch TNA Tag Team Wrestling again as we wait for Chris Sabin to come back from injury. Plus, a potential match-up between the Headbangers and Ink, Inc. would be interesting and fitting. Headbangers vs Tattoo Guys. This could be TNA's answer to WWE utilizing social media in the same way that WWE is embracing Twitter and Zack Ryder's Youtube fame.

World's Greatest Tag Team (Ring of Honor) - This is interesting and the most likely answer, but I don't think the pay off would be that great for ROH. However, it would still be exciting to see happen. 

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