Monday, September 19, 2011

Mark Henry Finally Wins the World Title

At WWE Night of Champions Pay-Per-View last night, against all odds Mark Henry cleanly pinned Randy Orton to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Shocking I know, as even the greatest gamblers weren't crazy enough to put money on Mark Henry beating Orton for the title. Mark Henry has spent the 15 years in the WWE, and the vast majority of his career he's always been either a jobber or just very mid-card wrestler. At his best, he's only shown mere flashes of dominance... a tease if you will. They would build him up on Smackdown just to feed him to the Undertaker or Batista since Smackdown routinely suffers from a lack of main event heels, but Henry stuck with it. He's been fed to nearly every main eventer that's come down the pike from Cena to Triple H to Orton to Edge and many more.

So, given Mark Henry's history of mid-card purgatory I was one who had just chalked Night of Champions up as a Randy Orton win and didn't even give it a second thought. Mark Henry, I apologize for discounting you. I am proud to say Mark Henry won the World Title. After 15 years, maybe people will finally start taking Mark Henry seriously. Kudos to WWE for finally doing something new and different. It might actually give me a reason to tune into Smackdown this week. The Hall of Pain begins. Congratulations to Mark Henry for finally pulling the sword from the stone.

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