Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Was Vince McMahon Really Let Go?

by Brian Phelps

On Raw Monday Night, a tournament was held to decide the new world champion after CM Punk walked out of the company with the title. The finals came down to Miz vs Rey Mysterio, which will take place next week. Vince McMahon came out at the end of the show to fire John Cena as the stipulation for Money In The Bank promised. He told John that no man is bigger than the business, not Hogan and certainly not him. He told Cena that he can always make another John Cena, and just as he was about to fire John Cena Triple H's music hit. The Game came out to the ring in a sharp suit, taking me back to his days in Evolution. The Game pleaded with Vince to go backstage because they needed to talk, but Vince refused. The Game informed Vince that the Board of Directors are 'concerned' with McMahon's actions as of late (i.e. letting the title leave the company, not resigning CM Punk, and trying to fire John Cena). The Board of Directors have decided as a result to appoint someone else to run day-to-day operations of the WWE. Upon hearing that, Vince began to cry. Triple H, who was choking up himself, told Vince that they chose him to relieve Vince McMahon of his duties with the WWE. He told Vince he wasn't going to fire John Cena or do anything else.Vince was reduced to tears, and slowly walked out to the fans chanting 'Thank You Vince' as he was let go by the Board of Directors. The question now, is was Vince McMahon really let go by the WWE Board of Directors?

The answer is no. In real life, Vince McMahon is still in charge of the company. Triple H is being groomed to eventually take over the company, but that is still a ways down the road... possibly several years.


  1. Vince will always have a say so in the company, at least till he dies. All that being said, i think its cool that Triple H is becoming the new CEO story wise. Its a nice change, but now that Punk is gone, where do we go from here? Probably the exact same places that we've been, and i'll just give up again.

  2. my question is that if vince is the owner of the company how can someone else take over him and fire him as he is the boss of wwe.

    who are the board of directors and wht is there high values that they can decide who will take over the company ,this is not true man hope you getting my mind. how one can decide to fire the owner of the company

  3. There is no Board of Directors... Vince is the WWE. Like Brian said, he is still in charge in real life. This is just a storyline so that Vince wont be on TV nearly as much. Now Triple H is the Chairman of the Board storywise but Vince is the real Chairman, the Board of Directors, Vince is the WWE.