Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CM Punk Leaves WWE With the World Title

by Brian Phelps

At MITB, CM Punk defeated John Cena and prevented Alberto Del Rio from fulfilling his destiny and cashing in his briefcase as he escaped with the WWE Championship, effectively leaving WWE with it's most prized possession. In an update recently, CM Punk uploaded a picture of the WWE Title in his fridge. This was Punk's 'Hostile Takeover' moment. We'll keep everyone posted. Congratulations to CM Punk for sticking it to corporate!

1 comment:

  1. In a shocking turn of events, the WWE does something right. Its about time they realize that Punk was their best asset on the roster. To bad it was to little, to late. Punk is indeed taking some time off, but you know he will be back. In an interview he said that people are telling him he'll go stir crazy, but he said he has to get there to figure out if thats really the case. Now that its cool to like CM Punk, i'm glad I have been a supporter from day one. ...a very hipster thing to say, lol