Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CM Punk Returns With a Cult of Personality

by Brian Phelps

On Raw, last night the roof blew off as a WWE Champion was crowned twice, and a 3rd returned. Rey Mysterio defeated The Miz to be crowned the new WWE Champion since you know who walked out of Chicago with the title at Money in the Bank. However, Triple H declared that Rey Mysterio would defend the title later that night against the man he claimed deserved a rematch, John Cena. Upon hearing that, the wind was completely let out of my sails. You just knew Cena would win, and he did. As John Cena celebrated his 400th World Title reign, mysterious music hit. It described someone with a "cult of personality". Then, as John Cena looked around confused... CM Punk waltzed out on the ramp with the real WWE Title around his waist, and a crowd pop worthy of insanity. As he took in the ovation, you could see a bewildered look on Cena's face. He looked like a man that saw a train coming at him from a mile away. It's like John Cena had a look in his eye like he knew his days as the face of the WWE were coming to an end, and the worst part is he can see that train coming a long way out. Punk climbed into the ring, and Cena tried to take his fraudulent WWE Title and hoist it into the air... getting some cheers and more boos. Then Punk raised the rightful WWE Title into the air to a deafening cheer. Cena then just walked out, like he was taking his ball and going home. The future is here, and it's a Cult of Personality.

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