Sunday, November 24, 2013

Complete List of Money in the Bank Winners

2005: Edge
2006: Rob Van Dam
2007: Mr. Kennedy
2007: Edge (Mr. Kennedy won the MITB and then lost the briefcase to Edge on RAW)
2008: CM Punk
2009: CM Punk
2010: Jack Swagger
2010: Kane (Smackdown MITB Winner)
2010: The Miz (RAW MITB Winner)
2011: Daniel Bryan (Smackdown MITB Winner)
2011: Albert Del Rio (RAW MITB Winner)
2012: Dolph Ziggler (Smackdown MITB Winner)
2012: John Cena (RAW MITB Winner) **Cena is the 1st to lose cash-in match**
2013: Damien Sandow (Smackdown MITB Winner) **Sandow is the 2nd to lose cash-in match**
2013: Randy Orton (RAW MITB Winner)

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