Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wrestler's Way presents... The Irish Whip - July 6, 2013

The Irish Whip is a new column similar in style to ESPN's First Take in which I give my rapid fire analysis of the week's biggest news in wrestling every Saturday. You might not agree with it, but it needs to be said.

NEWS: WWE suspends Ricardo Rodriguez for his first violation of the Wellness Policy

THE IRISH WHIP: We all know it's been a little while since anyone has violated the Wellness Policy. I'm not surprised that it's Ricardo Rodriguez. Funny how you only hear about mid-carders (people that don't draw) like an Evan Bourne or Ricardo Rodriguez getting tested/suspended while freakishly large men like Triple H, John Cena are invisible somehow. WWE doesn't test/suspend Triple H or John Cena because to have stars like that off of tv means it hurts ratings and hurt ratings equals a hurt pocketbook so to save face the WWE suspends jobbers every once in awhile to appease the mainstream media who are too ignorant (when it comes to pro wrestling) to know the difference between a clothesline and a count out let alone between Evan Bourne and John Cena.

NEWS: WWE Reportedly Confident That TNA Star Sting Will Be Joining Their Roster Soon.

THE IRISH WHIP: I can't wait to see Sting in WWE horn tooting with Santino, getting tadpole splashed by Hornswoggle, and then triple powerbombed by The Shield and buried by John Cena... then shaving all his hair off and only working one date a year before completely changing his gimmick and joining Tensai and Brodus Clay where he will change his name to the "Stingasaurus" and dance with the Funkadactyls until he is released and then he'll post angry twitter comments about how John Cena had it out for him and led to his release.

NEWS: TNA Wrestling Signs South-East Asia Distribution Deal.

THE IRISH WHIP: I think this is a great move for TNA Wrestling. Asia obviously is one of the big wrestling markets along with North America, and for TNA to expand further into this market is huge for them. I hope it gives them some much needed new revenue streams. We should all be rooting for TNA's success even if you are not a fan because competition brings out the best in rivals. Monopolies kill the marketplace and WWE has proved it over the last decade with the overall degradation of their product consistent with the lack of competitors in the market.

NEWS: TNA Releases Crimson, Christian York, Madison Rayne, Taeler Hendrix, and Joey Ryan due to cost cutting measures.

THE IRISH WHIP: I understand the concept of "trimming the fat" to save money. BUT. Why would you cut younger promising up-and-coming beasts like Crimson and Christian York, but keep dead weight like Knux (aka Mike Knox) who to my knowledge still has yet to wrestle a one-on-one match in nearly a year with the company? Why would you cut a beast like Crimson over Garett Bischoff and D'Lo Brown? Madison Rayne hadn't been used in a long time so you could get away with cutting her and not hurting any feelings. 

I would cut guys like Garett Bischoff, Knux, D'Lo Brown, ODB. These guys right now are just dead weight. They don't really add anything to the show, the crowd isn't into them (other than ODB), they're just 3 goons and a wasted talent in ODB. So why keep them? Crimson shows a lot of promise, and Christian York clearly had the look and solid wrestling skills. These were all very talented wrestlers, and I hope they either go to the WWE or return to TNA soon. This is like if WWE had to choose between Roman Reigns and Curt Hawkins... and chose Curt Hawkins. I get the reason for the cuts, but who they cut is mind boggling and makes no sense. 

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