Saturday, June 29, 2013

John Cena Buries the World Heavyweight Championship on RAW - June 24, 2013

On the June 24th edition of RAW, John Cena buried the World Heavyweight Championship and ECW Championship in a promo response to Mark Henry's retirement hoax by stating "...maybe he (Mark Henry) realizes time is running out... and he will not have a legacy in the WWE unless he holds on to this (WWE Championship)".

In this promo John Cena implies that the only way Henry will have a legacy is if he wins the WWE Championship. Mark Henry is a former World Heavyweight Champion and ECW Champion and yet according to Cena Henry would have no legacy despite these accolades unless he wins the WWE title. Wow Cena. Way to basically say winning the World Heavyweight Championship doesn't mean jack. Way to bury all the wrestlers who only held the World Heavyweight Championship and ECW Championship.

I wonder how guys like Christian, Booker T, and Goldberg feel about that statement given that Christian like Henry in WWE has only held the World Heavyweight Championship and ECW Championship. So if Christian doesn't win the WWE title does that mean Christian has no legacy either?

What about Booker T who only held the World Heavyweight Championship in the WWE. Does Booker T's legacy mean nothing?

That statement by Cena was completely bogus and came across as arrogant (though I don't think he meant it that way). It really gets on my nerves sometimes when Cena makes statements that other wrestler's accomplishments mean nothing unless they beat him for the WWE Championship. He made similar statements to CM Punk back in 2011 when he claimed in a promo that Punk basically had to prove to Cena that he was more than a "loud mouthed one hit wonder". Who does Cena think he is sometimes? Every now and then he makes statements during his promos that make him unintentionally come across as full of himself. His ego amazes me sometimes.

Cena is not the be all end all of pro wrestling. He's not the best mic worker. He's not the best wrestler. He will go down as the biggest wrestler in the smallest pond of main event talent in modern WWE history. A champion of a bunch of nobodies and part-time has beens for nearly a decade.

Don't let John Cena fool all of you. Mark Henry's legacy is secure. I think World Heavyweight Champion, ECW Champion, World's Strongest Man, and U.S. Olympian is a pretty amazing legacy that will mean plenty to a lot of young men after he hangs up his boots. Henry's face may not have graced a box of Fruity Pebbles cereal or the cover of a poorly acted straight-to-dvd movie release, but at least Henry can say that he was among the top athletes in the world in some real sports. The World's Strongest Man and U.S. Olympian are legitimate sports accomplishments that Cena will never be able to lay claim to. Unlike John Cena, Mark Henry is a legitimate sports athlete outside the world of pro wrestling and for that I will always respect Mark Henry over John Cena when it comes to athletic accomplishments.

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