Saturday, May 4, 2013

WWE Plot Holes: How is Ryback the Number One Contender?

by Brian Phelps

At Extreme Rules, the machine Ryback will take on WWE Champion John Cena for the heavyweight title. One problem though, how did Ryback become the number one contender?

Ryback has lost at every pay per view dating back to October. Ryback has lost at Hell in a Cell, Survivor Series, TLC, Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and Wrestlemania. How on Earth can a guy that has lost at 6 straight pay-per-views be the number one contender? If you include RAW, Ryback has lost his last 3 shots at the WWE Championship.

Here's where the plot hole gets even bigger. Mark Henry defeated Ryback CLEANLY at Wrestlemania 29. The next night on RAW, Mark Henry coming off a win at Wrestlemania was told in order to get a title shot he would have to defeat John Cena in a non-title match (Henry lost by Count Out) just to become the number one contender. Yet, Ryback who had just lost to Henry at Wrestlemania was simply declared the number one contender to face Cena at Extreme Rules. Why did Henry coming off a win over Ryback at Wrestlemania have to defeat Cena in a non-title match just to get a shot at the title, but Ryback who has lost at every pay-per-view for the last six months simply gets a title shot?

Ryback becoming number one contender completely flies in the face of story line and basic sports logic. There is no logical reason that Ryback should be number one contender over Mark Henry or anyone else. This is a major plot hole that cannot be explained.

Just because Ryback attacked Cena on RAW does not mean he's the number one contender. By that logic, the Shield should be the number one contenders to every title in the WWE.

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