Thursday, July 21, 2011

CM Punk Crashes Comic Con 2011, Interrupts Triple H (with Footage)

by Brian Phelps (

At Comic-Con 2011, pandemonium ran wild as CM Punk barged uninvited into a Q and A Session with WWE Stars Triple H and Rey Mysterio. CM Punk immediately yelled out with a megaphone "How's life in fantasy land Hunter?", a jab at Triple H. Triple H retorted "How's life in unemployment land?". CM Punk asked when Zack Ryder was going to be on television. Punk then told them anytime they want a crack at the title, they can find him in Chicago. Triple H explained to Punk, that it's a different regime and that anytime he wants they can talk. CM Punk told Triple H that he was sure Stephanie (Triple H's wife) had his number. The crowd erupted at Comic-Con chanting "CM Punk". One thing is for sure is that Chicago's own is not going away quietly and that a microphone in CM Punk's hand is a pipe bomb.

There is only one WWE Champion, and no predictable tournament on RAW will change the fact that CM Punk is the TRUE WWE Champion. Of course it came down to Rey Mysterio and Miz... even though Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and others are far more deserving up and comers... but the corporate machine will spoon feed us Mysterio until we're beyond sick to our stomachs of it. Bring back CM Punk or the WWE Universe may riot.


  1. This whole CM Punk thing is Kayfab... he is still employed with the company. He is the Champion... WWE is just trying a new way of doing things and stories to see if it works and Punk is the guiney pig. so far it seems to be a success...

  2. @Anonymous of course thats the case, they wouldn't honestly let him leave with the title, only SUPER marks would fall for that.

    But the fact of the matter is, remember all the crazy stuff Austin did that was in this neighborhood. WWE has a good thing going with this, i suppose i'm saying that because i've been a Punk fan from Day 1, but anyway, its a very cool angle that they are taking with this.