Saturday, May 7, 2011

WWE Screws Christian Over... Again

Right when you are about to say "Wow, WWE finally got something right"... they prove once again that they have no idea what the fans want. They finally put the World Title on Christian and in less than a week... he loses the title on Smackdown to Randy Orton. I have to ask... what does putting the World Title on Randy Orton for the 8th time do for the WWE? They don't gain anything from it. We've been there and done that 7 times before. Then they totally kill Christians buzz. This was one of those decisions that just leave you scratching your head and wondering "What were they thinking?". Christian winning the title was new. It was fresh and a different direction. WWE's biggest problem is that they can't get past Cena and Orton, and it's hurting the product as a whole. We've seen Cena and Orton win the title a combined what... 18 times now? Enough already. We're sick and tired of Cena and Orton as champion. It's an old hat. This is a perfect example of why TNA marks can't stand WWE. This is why TNA fans turned off WWE. Bone headed decisions like this. How many more stars have to suffer just so Vince McMahon can make a squeeze a couple more bucks out of Cena and Orton? Christian deserves so much better than this...

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